FAQ and Policies

Any questions or concerns? Check below or contact us!


Am I able to cook while I am staying in the motel?

We cannot allow cooking in the motel building for fire and insurance reasons.

However, we do provide tables and chairs as well as a microwave and toaster in the Rec Hall for our guests use. On the patio outside the Rec Hall we provide a couple portable barbecues and picnic tables for guests of the motel. You can either bring your own small green propane canister for the BBQs or purchase them at the office.


Can I check in early and check out late?

We do our best to accommodate special requests for a nominal fee.

During the summer season this is very difficult as we have 21 motel rooms and 5 cottages to have fully cleaned and the grounds/beach prepared for the next set of guests, all between 10:30 am and 3:00 pm.

When does your pool open?

Our pool is outdoors, so the opening date varies according to the weather in the early summer. We will have it open for July and August and if the weather permits maybe mid June to mid September. 

Am I able to have a campfire?

We do have a fire pit, which we set up for our guests enjoyment in the summer evenings. If you would like to cook over the fire please feel free to bring your own wood.

We do provide enough old wood each night for a few hours but if you would like more than that please feel free to bring as much as you like, as long as you are conscience of wind and dry conditions.

Are you open in the winter?

We will be closing for the season after Thanksgiving. We will be reopening in the spring around the beginning of April. 

When can I book for next year?

If you would like to be on the reminder list send me an email stating your desire to be added to the early bird notice list.

Also if you are in need of setting up for a large group allocation feel free to email me the details over the winter and I will be in touch.


Dog Policy

We are dog friendly. We DO NOT accept any other form of pet! Please contact us for information on appropriate rooms, as we do not allow dogs in all rooms. 

  • We limit each room to a max of 2 quiet dogs.
  • We DO require a credit card to be left on hold at registration in case of doggie damage.

We ask that:

  • All dogs must be registered at check-in.  Some rooms will not accommodate more than one dog or any dogs, please call us to confirm acceptable rooms.
  • Dog fee is between $30-50/dog/night.
  • Your dog(s) be on a leash at ALL times around the property.
  • Please keep your dog(s) out of the flower gardens.
  • You poop and scoop up after your dog(s) (if you need a bag please let us know).
  • You never leave your dog(s) unattended in the rooms.
  • Please do not allow the dog(s) in or on your bed (it is very difficult to get their hair out of the bed sheets for the next guest) or on any furniture.
  • If you are unable to keep them off the furniture and bed, please bring blankets/sheets to cover our bed/chair/futon (if you forget please ask us to find you some).
  • No excessive barking or whining (this includes the dogs) to allow everyone to enjoy their time at the Waterview.
  • Dogs are not allowed in the pool area, but are allowed on leash at the beach area. Wet dogs are not permitted back in rooms until fully dried.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Cottage Policy

As with most cottage rentals, we ask that:

  • You leave the cottage as you found it. This means dishes need to be washed and put away, garbage gathered up and cottage is clean. Beds do not need to be made of course. If this does not happen, there will be additional fees charged.
  • Absolutely no smoking cigarettes, vaping, e-cigs, cigars, marijuana or any other type of smoking in the cottages.
  • Please be aware of the dangers of BBQing, and keep flare ups to a minimum and do not leave unattended.
  • If you use the BBQ please leave it clean for the next guest, let us know if you need gloves or garbage bags. Unclean BBQs will result in a $20 cleaning charge.
  • We will collect garbage daily but please do not leave it outside (animals will make a terrible mess for you to clean up).
  • Sheets and one set of towels are provided, however, we do not provide daily maid service (so you may want to bring extra towels or hang them up to dry each day).
  • The blue recycle bins outside your door are only for drink containers (cans, bottles and alcohol containers). Coffee cups, juice boxes, paper/styrofoam plates, etc. are not to be put in the blue bin. Cardboard boxes are acceptable to be in the bin as well. 

Thank you for your cooperation!

Smoking Policy

Waterview on the Bay Resort facility is fully non-smoking

  • This means no smoking cigarettes, vaping, e-cigs, cigars, marijuana or any other type of smoking in our buildings or on the decks. Please leave your marijuana in your car, the odor saturates the room and you will be charged an additional $250 fee.
  • Although we do not require you to be a set distance from the building, we do ask you to be respectful of others. There are several ashtrays and towers at the front near the parking area, at Willie's Den patio, and just outside the pool area.
  • Please do not leave cigarette/cigar butts on the ground, in the parking lot, on the beach or anywhere for that matter. There are several towers/ashtrays scattered throughout the property 0r you can carry a can or bottle with you to dispose of them in.
  • There is no smoking permitted in the pool or hot tub areas.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Cancellation Policy

Motel: 10% non refundable deposit at time of booking. Full reservation will be charged if cancelled within 7 days of arrival.

Cottage: 10% non refundable deposit at time of booking. 50% due by 60 days prior to arrival and remainder due by 30 days prior to arrival.

  • Local: 519-534-0921

    Toll Free: 1-877-534-0921

  • 501205 Grey Rd 1,

    Georgian Bluffs, ON, N0H 2T0